June 19 2023

How to spend 24 hours at the lodge

So you’ve done South Africa’s Kruger National Park year after year for your family safari lodge holiday? How about something different this year? Bush loving families can still enjoy that safari experience they’re after – but with a difference.

sunset fishing

A family holiday lodge to beat them all

Enjoy the serene setting nestled on the secluded Impalila Island with direct river access to the breathtaking scenery, abundant wildlife and birdlife. Ichingo Chobe River Lodge offers an unbeatable location for families to immerse themselves in life on the Chobe River – and fish to their heart’s content!

If you’re curious but are still wondering what trading your Kruger holiday for the Chobe would look like, here’s how you could spend a day at Ichingo Chobe River Lodge.

How to spend 24 hours at the lodge

Arrive in style

Fly into Kasane International Airport or Victoria Falls International Airport, Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport, formerly Livingstone Airport, or Katima Mulilo Airport. Take a road transfer to Kasane Immigration Office and Boarding Point, from where you’ll be transferred to your ‘water taxi’ for the rest of the trip. A comfortable speedboat manned by one of the lodge guides. Arriving by water is truly special. You’ll feel like a true celebrity – arriving by ‘water taxi’ to the tranquil lodge – and will feel like the only visitor on the tiny 12×6 kilometre Impalila Island.

As you skim over the shimmering water, your guide will point out crocodiles and just some of the 450 diverse and rare species of birds you’ll come across in abundance in this corner of the world!

Lunch time

Most guests arrive at the lodge in time for lunch. Settle back for a delicious lunch filled with Southern African food while unpacking in your home for the next few days.

An afternoon fishing trip

Perhaps you want to hit the water as soon as possible. The motorised tender boats allow you access into the narrower channels of the river. These offer additional fishing opportunities and an eye-level perspective of aquatic birds and other smaller beasts of the bush.

A boat trip can include:

Chobe River Tiger Fish


The Chobe area is one of the best spots to hook a mighty tiger fish in Africa! You’ll have access to over 100 kilometres of prime water and waterways found between the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers. Along with the mighty tigerfish, you could catch a number of bream species, catfish, African pike, Zambezi yellowfish and more. All fishing at this lodge is catch and release.


you’ll encounter some of the planet’s most diverse birdlife on the Chobe River. This will mean many hours spotting birds such as African skimmers, rock pratincoles and the African finfoot as well as cattle egrets, fish eagles, open-billed storks, lesser-striped swallows, pied kingfishers and the striking carmine bee-eater.

Sundowners at the lodge

You’ll likely return around or after dusk when perhaps the tummies are starting to rumble. The lodge’s lounge, bar and open air-dining room are set above the flowing waters of the Chobe River with direct access to the river, so you can enjoy life right on the river’s edge. Guests can enjoy drinks and dinner family-style with new and old friends.

Then it’s back to your safari tent for a comfortable and incredibly restful night’s sleep.

Wake up with the birds

Wake up early with the birds the next morning and enjoy a quick breakfast of coffee, rusks and warm bread before heading out on the river once again.



Morning on the water

Head out early with the well stocked cooler box to enjoy more fishing. With your own tender boat and guide, you can truly choose how to spend your days. Perhaps dad and the kids want to fish while mom wants to sleep in and relax poolside with a book.

Then, the next day and the next, you get to enjoy the Chobe in all her spectacular beauty all over again.

Immersing yourself in wildlife and birds is the most authentic way to introduce your kids to the importance and beauty of nature and the environment. A sure way to set a lifelong love for the environment and Africa that sure beats any extra holiday classes or geography and biology textbooks!

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