March 12 2019

10 reasons to get hooked on a winter fishing safari

For a winter fishing safari, whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, there’s no better place to cast your line than the lively waters of the Chobe River region during the winter season. Add to this a deluxe stay in a Meru safari tent at Ichingo Chobe River Lodge, and you’re in for the fishing expedition of a lifetime.

1. World-renowned waters for fishing

Bordered by Namibia and Botswana, the beautiful Chobe River region is famous for its exceptional fishing opportunities. Anglers from all over the world flock to this area to catch the big one in the teeming waters of the Zambezi River, Chobe River and interconnecting Kasai Channel.

2. Ideal fishing conditions on the Chobe River

Fishing conditions along the Chobe River are fantastic all year around. However, the dry winter months from June to September are particularly attractive. As the rainy summer season abates, the water level lowers, drawing shoals of bait fish off the floodplains and back into the deeper river channels. This causes a feeding frenzy, with hungry predator fish churning up the waters as they attack their prey. All of this turmoil affords you the perfect opportunity to lure them with your own bait.

3. The perfect catch

The list of fish species up for grabs is nothing short of impressive. You’ll find the water brimming with a broad variety of bream fish, including African pike, yellow fish, nembwe, tilapia, and green and pink bream to name a few. Then of course there’s the legendary Tiger Fish – the most highly prized catch of all.

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4. Fully equipped winter fishing safari

For a truly productive fishing safari, you need the right gear. From rods, flies and reels to lures and lines, we provide all the professional equipment necessary to catch your quarry. We recommend using Rapala lures, Tiger flies or live bait fish such as Bulldogs. The bountiful waters ensure that all fishing methods including conventional and fly fishing are well rewarded.

5. Local guides with expert insights

Enjoy the advantage of having local guides who will share their angling expertise gleaned over years of fishing in these specific conditions. Hop on one of six tender boats as your guide navigates into the waterways where the most promising fishing areas can be found. During your trip, they will provide not only practical advice but fascinating stories about the area too.

6. Amazing game viewing

The winter months result in plenty of activity on dry land as well. Inland water sources become scarce, and an incredible array of wildlife are drawn to the riverbank to drink. Watch as herds of elephant stomp and splash in the shallows. Spy stealthy crocodiles eyeing timid buck and zebra at the water’s edge. And catch a glimpse of a wary leopard or lion coming to quench their thirst. An abundance of birds can also be spotted wading through the muddy reeds, perched atop sparse branches and soaring overhead.

7. Additional exciting activities

Enhance your fishing safari with a range of thrilling additional activities on offer. Embark on a breath-taking birding expedition to spot over 450 species, including the majestic fish eagle. Capture the moment on a customised photographic safari boat. Visit a local village on Impalila Island. And take a stroll to the nearby ancient baobab tree, learning all about the fascinating flora and fauna along the way.

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8. Go for glory

Accomplished anglers who land a catch 5 kg or larger will be awarded the coveted yellow buff. This special honour is a symbol of bravery and skill for those who were able to reel in such a magnificent beast. Please note that due to conservation efforts, all fish are strictly catch and release.

9. Deluxe accommodation

The serene Ichingo Chobe River Lodge on Impalila Island provides exclusive access to the most sought-after fishing spots in the Chobe River region. Luxurious accommodation in eight air-conditioned Meru safari tents, spectacular views over the river and excellent service come standard with your stay.

10. All-inclusive winter fishing safari

Our excellent fishing safari package includes everything from deluxe accommodation at Ichingo Chobe River Lodge, dining and drinks to on-land excursions and high-end fishing equipment. Every detail of your Chobe River safari is perfectly catered for, ensuring that you can simply focus on reeling in your impressive catch.

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