Chobe River Safaris

Exciting River Safari Experiences

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is a remote, private, and secluded 3* tented lodge that offers the same high-calibre hospitality and experience as its famous 5* sister houseboat, Zambezi Queen.

This is an activity focused destination and is perfect for families or couples looking for the ideal private and remote Chobe River getaway. The experiences on offer including exceptional birding, photographic safaris, game viewing, Tiger fishing and cultural tours. The best part about a stay with us is that you are free to tailor-make your daily itinerary.

Chobe and Zambezi River Fishing


Our Chobe fishing trips allow you to experience some of the best fishing Africa has to offer. Hook a Tiger fish, or one of the many bream species, African pike, tilapia, catfish or upper Zambezi yellowfish as you explore hundreds of kilometres of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers.

With your own fishing boat and guide allocated per tent and 25L of fuel daily. Simply roll out of bed and seize the day – your guide will be prepared and waiting, ready to embark on a thrilling adventure along the hundreds of kilometres of waterways. With a fully fuelled boat, stocked cooler, and endless possibilities ahead, you’ll be all set to explore.


Your Private Guide


Embark on an extraordinary birding adventure at Ichingo Lodge, where your dedicated guide and tender boat await to whisk you away into the heart of avian paradise. From the graceful African Skimmers to the elusive African Finfoot, prepare to be mesmerised by the diverse array of 450+ bird species that call the Chobe River home.

With each excursion, you’ll have the chance to marvel at the majestic Fish Eagles, elegant Open-billed Storks, and charming Pied Kingfishers. Keep your eyes peeled for the enchanting sight of the Pels Fishing Owl and other rare species as you immerse yourself in the Chobe region.

An unparalleled photography experience


Our photographic safaris at Ichingo are tailored for seasoned photographers who prefer to exercise their expertise. Our guides possess an understanding of optimal boat positioning for capturing the perfect angle and harnessing the best lighting conditions, they respect the autonomy of our guests who are already proficient in their craft. With specialised birding guides at your disposal, you can rest assured that your meticulously planned bird photography endeavors will be fulfilled as they lead you to the sought-after avian subjects.

Our photographic boats boast a reduced number of seats, ensuring ample space for guests to maneuver without interference while capturing stunning action shots. Guests can comfortably position their camera bags and additional equipment close to their seats, eliminating the risk of damage or disruption. This unique feature allows photographers the freedom to bring along as much equipment as they desire, empowering them to unleash their creativity without limitations.

Chobe River Safaris

Game viewing

Game viewing on the Chobe River is unbeatable. Each day, you’ll venture out by tender boat to get up close and personal with huge herds of elephant, buffalo, lion, crocodile, zebra and more that are drawn to the water. You’ll also see a huge variety of birdlife and plant life as you breathe in the African air around you.

Subiya tribe village

Cultural Tours

Travel by tender boat to a local Namibian village on the floodplains of the East Caprivi. Meet the Subiya tribe village elders and locals and gain a greater understanding of how the inhabitants of this 100-year-old village live, including learning more about their daily challenges and traditions.


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