Community-focused travel approach

Responsible Tourism

Responsibility towards the environment forms the foundation upon which the Zambezi Queen Collection properties were built.

As part of our commitment to preserving our surroundings, we aim to leave no lasting footprint on the environment in which we operate.

Sustainable power


Is supplied to the lodge via a state-of-the-art solar system, with the most fuel efficient and lowest emission generator as a backup.

Energy-saving lights are installed throughout the lodge.

Hot water is provided by a solar heating system.

Fish for fun


We pride ourselves on our strict 100% catch and release policy.

By releasing the fish back into the water, anglers can help maintain healthy fish populations and preserve the ecosystem’s balance. Catch and release can also promote ethical and humane treatment of animals, as the fish are handled with care and released unharmed.

All the fishing and tender boats are equipped with environmentally friendly four-stroke outboard motors.



The Zambezi Queen Collection is part of the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA) a registered non-profit company and is both a fundraising and grant-giving organization, active in educating and empowering local communities to help themselves by implementing sustainable wildlife management systems.

Guests who visit the Zambezi Queen Collection which forms part of the Mantis Collection of hotels, eco-escapes and waterways play an important role in supporting conservation-led travel and hospitality.

purpose driven


We strive to support the local communities by involving and employing them. We are the largest employer of the region, and at Ichingo each employee is local from a local village on Impalila Island or surrounds.

We support the local community school by supplying it with schooling materials.
We have provided newly installed freshwater boreholes for the 2 surrounding communities.

Fishing conservation – with the assistance of the various local departments, we support them in implementing fishing conservation initiatives to ensure the sustainability of our ecosystems.

The goal of CSR is to ensure that we contribute to society in a positive way while still maintaining profitability. Do well, by doing good.

Our Partnership with


We believe in building partnerships with local communities who are our neighbours, who live alongside our wildlife and wilderness areas. Community Development projects are implemented after consultation with community leaders. This ensures that together we find mutually beneficial solutions for the both the community and the ecosystem.

These projects vary from education to nutrition and gender empowerment to agricultural initiatives. We support local business and promote local arts and crafts. All are aimed at empowering the community while respecting their heritage, culture and traditions.

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